Man Pleads Guilty to Drunken Reclining

22 Oct

Under Minnesota law, it is illegal to drive any motorized vehicle while intoxicated.  Case in point, this gentleman from Proctor, MN,, pled guilty to operating a motorized La-Z-Boy recliner while intoxicated, while driving/reclining home from a bar no less.  How did the police find him?  He crashed his recliner into a “more traditional vehicle” in the bar parking lot.


One interesting side note, and to illustrate the importance of using a motor for the purposes of the law, to be found guilty of boating while intoxicated (BWI), the operator has to be using the boat’s motor.  Thus, although a sailboat can reach significant speeds, there is no violation of the BWI laws unless law enforcement can show that the auxiliary motor was used, as opposed to just the power of the wind and the sails’ ability to harness it.


Because of the seriousness of the violation, the state forfeited the recliner and will sell it at the next police auction.  It’s likely to be a hot commodity.


Entry by Ryan Wood. Ryan is an associate in the litigation section at Thomsen & Nybeck and practices in the areas of criminal law and general civil litigation.  Ryan has a wealth of varying experience in the field of criminal law as a prosecutor in multiple jurisdictions, and as a defense attorney handling adult, felony, white collar and juvenile matters.  He also has experience in complex civil litigation.  Ryan has directed cases through mediations, arbitrations, jury trials and the state and federal appellate courts, including oral argument, and has handled literally hundreds of court trials.  Ryan’s public service experience includes authoring materials for and lecturing at Continuing Legal Education and training seminars, serving as a law clerk to a Minnesota District Court judge and also serving as a staffer in the United States Senate.


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