More Press About Considerations In Entering Into Wind Leases

8 Feb

The ABA Journal, which is a magazine aimed at lawyers and published by the America Bar Association, included in its February 2010 issue an article entitled the War of Winds, which you can read here.  The article details concerns with the byproducts of wind turbines and various communities’ attempts to regulate the placement of wind turbines to decrease the effects of those byproducts.  The story highlights many of the concerns that were focused on in the January 12, 2010 StarTribune newspaper story, which this blog posted about on January 18, 2010.  The more we know about various peoples’ concerns as to wind turbines, the more important it becomes to consult with attorneys and others in considering whether to enter into a lease with a wind developer and the terms and requirements of that lease.  Contacting the Wind Energy attorneys at Thomsen Nybeck if you are considering putting a wind turbine on your property is a good first step.

This blog entry is written by Chris Renz, a shareholder at Thomsen & Nybeck, P.A. Chris practices in the litigation area of the firm with primary focus on wind energy-related lease litigation, real estate litigation, employment litigation, townhome and condominium law, and criminal law, particularly as the prosecutor for the Metropolitan Airports Commission


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