New Minnesota Law May Benefit Cyclists!

10 Feb

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is known by many bicycling enthusiasts to be a fairly bike-friendly community, with bike messengers, bike commuters, club riders, racers, and recreational bikers taking full advantage of the areas many trails and roads.  However, traffic laws and rules governing the roadways haven’t regularly changed or advanced in favor of cyclists.  Pending legislation may help bicyclists who share the road with other vehicles.

Both the House and Senate in Minnesota have current legislation pending which would allow bicyclists to proceed through a red light under specific circumstances, such as the light not being triggered to change to green by the presence of a bike (as many lights are triggered to change by the presence of a car or more substantial vehicle).

It appears the house bill is sponsored by Representative Phyllis Kahn of Minneapolis (HF2616), and a Senate companion bill is sponsored by Senator Jim Carlson (SF2453).

Read more about this legislation here:

This blog entry is written by Brad Boyd, Shareholder at Thomsen & Nybeck, P.A. Brad’s practice focuses primarily in Real Estate, Real Estate Brokerage, Business and Corporate law, and Wind Energy Law.  Brad works regularly with real estate buyers, sellers, and investors, real estate brokerages and agents, landowners, and small businesses.  He provides legal advice, guidance, and representation related to risk management in a wide variety of real estate and business law matters.


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