Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

5 Mar

The Minnesota State Bar Association’s practiceblawg recently posted an entry about an attorney’s experience with doing his Last Will using an online service, LegalZoom.  The entry is part of a series in which the MSBA is comparing the use of online legal forms with the use of an attorney to perform legal services.

The blog writer is a licensed attorney, and he discovered that it was easy to make significant mistakes even as an educated consumer.  He also pointed out that the online service did not provide any advice as to what might be an appropriate plan for him.

While online estate planning may be attractive from a cost perspective, inappropriate choices and/or drafting errors can create substantial headaches (and significant expense) for your estate and heirs.  Of greater concern is the fact that some mistakes can result in your estate passing to persons other than those to whom you intended to leave it.  All consumers should consider and understand the risks of “do-it-yourself” options when deciding whether or not to obtain professional advice from an estate planning attorney.

This blog entry was written by Ivory Ruud, an associate at Thomsen & Nybeck, P.A.  Ivory is a transactional attorney practicing business law, real estate, estate planning and probate, and townhome and condominium law.  Ivory works with individuals and businesses, offering advice and guidance for her clients’ long-term planning and risk management.


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