Disrespecting Court Nearly Ends Law Career Before It Gets Started

7 Mar

The court system can be a frustrating place for all participants and players.  But before you decide to let your frustration out on the people within the court system, it is wise to take stock of what might be at stake.  This article appeared in the American Bar Association’s daily news journal and describes a law student’s “snarky” note to a court clerk and other actions, all of which stemmed from a traffic ticket challenge.  As the article describes, the law student’s actions nearly prohibited her from becoming a licensed attorney.  For attorneys (and law students), the facts are a good reminder of the need to maintain professionalism and decorum, including displaying respect for the court system, despite personal frustration with certain situations.  The attorneys at Thomsen Nybeck take their professionalism seriously, which is a benefit to them, as well as the clients on whose behalf they appear in courtrooms around the State of Minnesota. 

This blog entry is written by Chris Renz, a shareholder at Thomsen Nybeck. Chris practices in the litigation area of the firm with primary focus on  real estate litigation, employment litigation, townhome and condominium law, and criminal law, particularly as the prosecutor for the Metropolitan Airports Commission.


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