About Thomsen Nybeck

A law firm is like a person. It should have character. It should develop particular strengths. It should always be more than the sum of its parts.

Thomsen Nybeck is a Minnesota law firm with over 30 years of history and proven success, a testament to its clients and the legal community that it serves the needs of clients well, has done so for a long time, and intends to do so for a long time into the future.  Find out more about the Thomsen Nybeck law firm by visiting our website, here.

Although we are essentially a general practice firm, that does not mean we lack in expertise, as can often be the case when dealing with “generalists”.  Since our attorneys focus in core areas of practice, each has his or her own area of expertise, and the collaborative whole is appropriately equipped to handle the matters most individuals or business clients bring to our attention.

With 17 attorneys, we like to think of our firm as right-sized. We are large enough to have a sophisticated grasp of many different areas of law yet small enough to provide personal service. At Thomsen Nybeck, you will get to know your attorney and your attorney will get to know you.

If you are facing litigation, starting a business, dealing with the passing of a loved one and needing probate counsel, seeking representation for your existing company, entering a contract, or simply in need of pragmatic and straight-forward legal advice, contact Thomsen  Nybeck at 952-835-7000.

For more information about how we can help you, contact the attorneys at Thomsen Nybeck. From our offices in Bloomington, we serve clients throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and greater Minnesota.


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